Apologetics 315
Daily apologetics resources including audio, debates, podcasts, book reviews, and more.

Alpha & Omega Ministries Apologetics Blog
James White's apologetics blog.

Scholarly articles supporting the Christian worldview. Comment threads are sometimes very active, providing a good place to engage atheists and skeptics.

Apologetics Blog
The Apologetics Blog website aims to use reason to clarify and defend the Christian faith.

Apologetics Guy
Accessible Apologetics Lessons, Tips and Training with Mikel Del Rosario

Apologetics UK
UK-based apologetics blog covering general apologetics and UK-based issues

Affirming Christ Through Discourse

Apologetics Review
Reflections on important apologetic events around the world.

Carefully reasoning to seek what's true with issues in faith, science, and ethics.

AZ Apologia
An Arizona-based information portal for those interested in exploring Christian apologetic themes.

Apologetic Junkie
Equipping the Church and Engaging the Culture: Apologetics, Theology, Philosophy, Politics, and Culture.

Very easy but accurate free apologetics courses added on a regular basis by Dr. Johnson C. Philip.

Because Its True
Encouragement for apologists as well as resources for defending the faith, and answering tough questions. Videos and articles created by Jason Wisdom.

Christian Apologetics Alliance
The official blog of the Christian Apologetics Alliance.

Cold Case Christianity
The blog and writings of apologist and cold case detective J. Warner Wallace.

Come Reason's Apologetics Notes
Highlights various news stories or current events and seeks to explore them from a thoughtful Christian perspective. Less formal and shorter than the www.comereason.org web site articles, we hope to give readers points to reflect on concerning topics of the day.

Confident Christianity
Mary Jo Sharp's apologetics & discernment ministry.

C.S. Lewis Society Blog
Reflecting on Important Issues in Apologetics and Intelligent Design.

Deeper Waters
The blog of Nick Peters, a student preparing for his Master's in the NT. He deals with NT issues, philosophical issues, the importance of marriage.

Eye On Apologetics 
Dedicated to the discussion and promotion of Christian apologetics, theology and evangelism

Focus on the Family’s TrueU Blog
Focus on the Family’s apologetics blog, which also supports a college-prep DVD-based apologetics curriculum called TrueU.

Please Convince Me Blog
The blog of Please Convince Me, providing an abundance of free apologetics resources. 

The Poached Egg
The Christian apologetics journal where theology, science, philosophy, history, and pop culture collide.

Stand to Reason Blog 
Engaging timely and timeless topics with clear-thinking Christianity

Think Christianly 
Providing daily encouragement, cultural reflection, and solid resources to help you think Christianly about all of life

Thinking Christian
Encouraging Christians to think deeply and well about faith and life, and inviting others to consider Christ; with emphasis on science, culture, and ethics.

Thinking Matters
Equipping Christians and encouraging skeptics to see the truth claims of Christianity as intellectually credible and relevant to all of life

Thoughtful Christianity
Thoughtfully exploring, sharing, and defending the truth of Christianity.

Tough Questions Answered 
This blog provides answers to tough questions about Christianity. The authors take challenges to the Christian faith seriously, and want to inform and dialogue with those who sincerely seek answers.

Uncommon Descent
Serving the Intelligent Design Community.

Wintery Knight
Integrating Christianity with public knowledge. Analyzing fiscal, social and foreign policy from a Christian worldview