J. Warner Wallace: Cold-Case Resurrection @ Get A Grip Apologetics Speaker Series

On Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017 J. Warner Wallace, founder of Cold Case Christianity will be at Living Oaks Church presenting on the Resurrection of Jesus as part of the Get A Grip Apologetics Series. Detective Wallace will be making a case for the resurrection of Jesus from the dead by examining the evidence and according to the principles he has used during his career as a cold-case homicide detective. 



Detective Wallace has investigated many cold-case homicides over the years that eventually ended up in front of a jury. As he's watched prosecutors and defense attorneys make their respective cases, he's noticed something important: every case has both strengths and weaknesses. When Detective Wallace began to examine the claims of Christianity, especially the varied explanations for the resurrection, he realized every explanation also had strengths and weaknesses. At Get A Grip, he will guide the audience in an examination of several explanations for the resurrection offered by unbelievers, showing that while these explanations have the limited ability to account for one or more pieces of the Resurrection evidence, all of them possess a fatal flaw that eliminated them from reasonable consideration. Leaving only on viable explanation, that God raised Jesus from the dead. 

Join us on February 22nd, 2017 at the Get A Grip Apologetics Speaker series for J. Warner Wallace and many more speakers over the course of six weeks.